Venue Details

The 4,000 square foot parlor floor consists of 9 rooms with 3-1/2 baths, accessed from the front entrance and by elevator.  It features fourteen-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, marble fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, crystal wall sconces, decorative moldings, and hardwood floors.  A central hall opens into all major rooms and leads to the grand ballroom.

The Central Hallway

Our central hallway runs the length of the house opening into all major rooms to include the drawing room, the dining room, the three east-side sitting rooms, and the ballroom. The hallway is decorated with two crystal chandeliers and matching crystal wall sconces, red Bokhara rugs, an ebonized side table with mother-of-pearl and brass inlay, a mahogany blanket chest, and a large ornamental mirror.

The Drawing Room

The drawing room has a large crystal chandelier, a French Aubusson rug in, a baby grand piano, a crystal candelabra on the marble mantel, ornamental tables and chairs, and a damask-covered camel-back sofa. The drawing room opens into the dining room through a large archway, where pocket doors allow separation of the two rooms if desired.

The Dining Room

The dining room has a grand crystal chandelier with four matching crystal wall sconces, a French Aubusson rug that matches the rug in the adjacent drawing room, a marble mantel, fine porcelains, a dining table with two leaves, a sideboard, and a side serving table. A silver Moroccan samovar decorates one table. The dining room opens into the drawing room, library, and central hallway, and is immediately adjacent to the elevator and kitchen. There is also an adjoining powder room.

The Library

The library has floor to ceiling bookshelves along one wall that  is stocked with old tales of the South. The library works well as a bar area due to its location between the dining room and ballroom.

The Grand Ballroom

The central hallway opens into the grand ballroom through a columned arch with side railings. The ballroom has two grand crystal chandeliers with matching crystal wall sconces, and an English antique door with etched glass panel that serves as the rear entrance (and as the fire escape for the Venue). There is a separate entrance to the ballroom from the library.

The Sitting Rooms

The north sitting room has a crystal chandelier, a marble fireplace mantel decorated with Asian prints, a red Bokhara rug, Moroccan brass decorative items, and a red leather camel-back sofa. The middle sitting room has a crystal chandelier and matching crystal wall sconces, an ebonized marble mantel with a French trumeau above; a damask-covered camel-back sofa, a mirrored wall of closets in annexed area, and an adjacent full bath. The south sitting room has crystal wall sconces, a mirrored closet in alcove, and an adjacent full bath.